Healey Dell Guide Map

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An original bridge which carried the railway and its Siamese twin. Read more about how the bridges came to be.


Walk along Station Road and this will take you to Broadley Station which has the only surviving platform with building foundations on the Rochdale to Bacup line. Read More.


Built on a stream, a mill that was made of four buildings. One of the earliest to abandon water power in favour of steam...


Local legend has it that the stone from this mill was used in the making of Trafalgar Square in London...


Today, water in the Dell is a valuable resource for wildlife. Many plants and animal species depend on it.


It all started on a wild night in 1180 where a witch summoned the rightful heir to the Earl, but the ring to prove his rights had been stolen...


Although little remains of Th'Owd Mill I'th Thrutch, the gullies and channels which once took water to the waterwheel, are now an ideal home to the Dipper...


Normally you are told that you need an adult to help you with things, but for this you definitely do not! Grownups normally forget how to see fairies, and because of this they don’t normally show themselves when they’re around.

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Coronavirus update - November 2020

It has now been confirmed that, from Thursday 5th November, the UK will be going back into lockdown.  As part of the measures, all non-essential businesses will close, and all restaurants and cafes will not be able to offer dine-in service, and we will be following these rules.  However, we are still allowed to provide takeaway and delivery orders, which we are thrilled to be able to do.  We think that, as the weather is getting colder, there is nothing better than enjoying a spot of tea in warmth and comfort.  Have a look at our takeaway menu by clicking the button below, and order something to enjoy the Autumn weather from the comfort of your own home.  Delivery is free within a three mile radius.

We will keep an eye on how the lockdown progresses, and we will keep you posted on what we will be doing as the end comes near.  We got through the first lockdown back in March, we’ll get through this one, and Healey Dell Tea Rooms will be there to bring you the comforts and pleasures that we always have.