Colin Knight - ArtistColin was born in Prestwich in 1949 and like many of his contemporaries moved to the country where the air was less polluted. Being able to turn his hand to anything of a practical or artistic nature his work included Newspapers, Vinyl flooring production, sign writing, tiling and decorating. After raising a family and having run a successful tiling business Colin now spends more time on his photography hobby during his retirement. Like many wildlife photographers Colin has the patience to wait for perfect shot and a good sense of composition. Colin’s wildlife photographs can be purchased from the Healey Dell Tea Rooms which include wildlife seen in the area at various times of the year and the changing landscapes through the seasons.

Coronavirus update - November 2020

It has now been confirmed that, from Thursday 5th November, the UK will be going back into lockdown.  As part of the measures, all non-essential businesses will close, and all restaurants and cafes will not be able to offer dine-in service, and we will be following these rules.  However, we are still allowed to provide takeaway and delivery orders, which we are thrilled to be able to do.  We think that, as the weather is getting colder, there is nothing better than enjoying a spot of tea in warmth and comfort.  Have a look at our takeaway menu by clicking the button below, and order something to enjoy the Autumn weather from the comfort of your own home.  Delivery is free within a three mile radius.

We will keep an eye on how the lockdown progresses, and we will keep you posted on what we will be doing as the end comes near.  We got through the first lockdown back in March, we’ll get through this one, and Healey Dell Tea Rooms will be there to bring you the comforts and pleasures that we always have.