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The blue bell flowers from the middle of May until the beginning of June when the new leaves are just coming out on the trees. It thrives in good soil with partial shade.


The Butterbur puts out its flowers before the leaves appear. The flower-heads are crowned clusters in a dense spike, with many bracts (leaf like structures) interspersed, at the summit of a round, thick flower-stalk, which can differ in size.


Coltsfoot grows throughout the Dell in March and early April as it loves to grow on old railway embankments, on poor hard soils.


Herb-Robert is a spindly plant about 10-50cm in height. As it is a geranium it is covered with silvery hairs, it has dark to bright green finely divided leaves and reddish-tinged stems.


The common Lady's Mantle has a wide British distribution, but it generally like the colder parts of the Country, and the Dell is in Lancashire!


Lady’s Smock flowers in late spring, early summer, and grows in wet places and at the sides of brooks. Although the plant prefers damp, shady locations it can also be found on roadside verges, meadows and in hedgerows.


The Lesser Celandine, is one of the very earliest of spring flowers, with it’s bright buttercup yellow flowers brightening up the Dell even before winter is quite finished.


This is an introduced annual which originally came from North America It is quite common from Scotland to Lancashire but otherwise it is quite rare.


Wild Angelica (Angelica sylvestris) likes to live in damp places, like the woodland at Healey Dell. It is a biennial which means in the first year it puts on growth but does not flower until the second year.


This is one of the earliest of our spring flowers and if you come to the Dell in late March early April this flower cannot be mistaken as it is the only white one you will see.

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